Offering evidence based counseling from a Catholic perspective.

Who is it for?

  • If you are tired of approaching your problems as you always have, but change never seems to happen.

  • If you want to utilize your Catholic faith in cooperation with effective, evidence based counseling to make your desired changes happen

  • If you are ready to work hard and take a fresh look at life, ready to make behavioral changes that improve your well-being, ready to heal from your wounds, not just revisit them, ready to let go of hurt by learning the process of forgiveness, then turning to Theotokos Counseling, LLC, may be right for you.

Why do they need it?

  • Struggling with:

    • Depression​

    • Anxiety or fear

    • Ruminating thoughts or repetitive behaviors that you just can't stop

    • Feeling that life is joyless or even not worth living

    • Effects of abuse or traumatic life events weigh you down

    • Grieving a major loss, death of a loved one, pregnancy loss including miscarriage, still birth, or abortion

    • Make bad relationship choices or defeating life decisions again and again

    • Feeling taken advantage of by other people's demands

    • Unable to express your own needs effectively

  • Support for life transitions such as:

    • Striking out to find a new career or educational path​

    • Preparing for retirement

    • Weathering the growth of a new life vocation

    • Negotiating caregiver stress related to caring for an elder or the disabled

  • Hoping to make changes using the following approaches:

    • Counseling within a Catholic framework​

    • Promoting health wellness in the whole person:  body, mind, and spirit

    • Building healthy relationships through effective boundary setting and improved communication

    • Evidence based, goal directed, clinical practice combined with the power of prayer, Scripture, and the wisdom of the Catholic Church to improve the quality of your life