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Is your road of life a rocky path that you feel you are journeying alone?  Do you long for support as you continue to climb to a better life?

​You do not need to climb alone.  Choose to journey with another, who through sound clinical insight, will support your decision to change and offer prayer as God leads you higher, to a place of refuge where you may one day find meaning to life’s challenges and suffering. (Joshua 1:5)

Sometimes you can feel as if you are only a shadow of the person you know you are.  Depression or anxiety can cloud you with mistaken beliefs, problem behaviors or destructive relationships that keep you from blossoming into the person you want to be. Perhaps you let dark life events define you, allowing them to lead you away from the brightness of a new direction.


​You do not need to stay in the prison of inner lies and darkness, alone and afraid.  The truth of Christ has the power to dispel the darkness, shine in your mind and soul, leading you step by determined step to a better, brighter future. (John 10:10)

If you are ready to do the hard work of change, set aside your isolation, ready to stop doing the same things that keep you stuck over and over again, Theotokos Counseling, LLC is eager to support you in the process of planned change and transforming hope. By learning new thoughts and practicing new behaviors, it is possible to move beyond the destructive patterns of the past and be transformed with a future bright with hope. (Jeremiah 29:11-13). 


The choice to change is in your power. The grace to change is in God’s love.

Darkness to Light

The Transformation

~ Mary S. Briggs, MSW, LCSW

I believe with all my heart that our greatest wounds become our greatest gifts.  As a Catholic therapist, I see again and again how God transforms the lies that weigh us down into truth that sets us free in Christ Jesus.  I have witnessed in the lives of persons severely wounded or abused the power of forgiveness to lift them from the darkness of resentment, anger, and self-abuse.  I have marveled at the way God lifts broken people out of darkness and comforts them in the light of redeeming love, drawing them closer to God, to others, and to themselves.